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Welcome to our bold, dramatic, and full-of-life Malaïcka’s (MY-LUH-EE-KAH) authentic 100% 3D Mink, 25MM, and Faux Mink cruelty-free lashes. They are all lightweight, fluffy and soft, to fit all the natural, bold and beautiful women. Here at Malaïcka, you can never go wrong but get the desired look to enhance your outer beauty. So tell me!! Which lashes will YOU lash on???​


Malaïcka Lashes is named after my daughter Malaïcka. Which led me to call these lashes after her. The only girl among her two oldest brothers. Also, did you know Malaïcka means “ANGEL” in Arabic origin and in Africa (Swahili) origin.

Malaicka 2nd Anniversary-1_edited.jpg
Malaicka 9th Birthday-1-2.jpg
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